one lone post for all of sweater weather.

Monday, November 30

The only thing I have to say aside from farewell, November, you mostly gloomy, sort of exhausting, overly quiet month filled with a small but meaningful amount of pretty good things is, in defence of the stripes, they're all preeeeeeeeetty different. I mean, look at those two on either end; heavy knit vs. short sleeves. Apples and oranges, people. Then, there's navy or black or indigo, boat neck or round, cotton or wool or cashmere. I really could keep going.

And for the record, this was taken after nearly three weeks of me outright ignoring the laundry hamper. It's not like I wore stripes eight days in a row. That would be just silly. The rest of my time was spent in the coziest sweater ever & my beloved collection of black turtlenecks, plus an array of my husband's tees that I've commandeered as sleep shirts. Welcome to my wardrobe, friends; it's all sorts of adventurous around here.

catching up.

Friday, October 30

I hope you brought your reading glasses, friends.
I've fallen slightly behind with my little blog. At the very least, take my word on the fact that ALL I feel like writing about lately is our wedding and honeymoon. Seriously, I look through our photographs at least once a day.

After a month away, I spent last weekend in my home city. The timing was perfect; what they say about absence and the heart and fondness is so very, very true. And the reason to be back was beautiful: our dear friend married the love of her life in a late autumn wedding on a warm (!!!) & sunny day. Steven has known the bride since grade school and holy heck is she ever a sweet soul with a serious eye for glam wedding decor. You know it, Syd, you talented gal! I cried at the ceremony and at the reception and during the first dance and that about sums me up throughout every wedding ever. The dance floor was bumpin', I made off with a loot bag of sweets from the pink + gold candy bar, and yes, a midnight pizza delivery order was definitely placed.

Last year, Steven and I found it difficult to balance the somewhat hectic schedules that often accompanied me on weekends home. In the span of a few days, we'd be worn thin bouncing between family time and friends time and me off to gals nights and wait, what about us time - it was exhausting. This weekend was a pretty sound indication that with time comes lessons learned. We managed to pull off two date nights (!!!) and celebrate a wedding, and while I still got to spend time with my family and closest friends, we actually got some sleep too. On Friday evening, I met a fellow blog gal for vino, cheese, and a heartfelt chat. On Saturday morning before the wedding, I laughed (and happy cried) through our wedding collection with my dad and stepmum. Then, on Sunday morning + afternoon, I literally camped out at perhaps my favourite coffee shop in all of YEG - Sugarbowl, you get all the heart eyes - with my mum in the morn' and some of my closest gals right after, going through all the photographs over again. It was really important to both Steven and I that we got to share in those moments. Besides, watching the reactions are absolutely priceless; my dad's crying face made everyone tear up! I really should've live recorded the peanut gallery that is five girls clicking through a thousand photos. Our second date night took us to the ice rink where we cheered extra loudly at the good ol' hockey game!

And there you have it, friends: a quick recap of a particularly good weekend.
Speaking of weekends, have a spooky one! Tomorrow is the closest our world gets to that of the dead.
But if that isn't really your thing, just enjoy the sugar highs, jack-o-lanterns, & little kiddos in adorable costumes.

honeymooning in London

Tuesday, October 20

Long before the wedding plans even began, Steven and I both knew Europe would be the perfect place to spend our first few weeks as newlyweds. After the logistics were sorted, we each chose a country: mine was France & his, Croatia. Northern Ireland was also an absolute must as that's my homeland; my dad was born & raised in a small town in Country Antrim and the majority of his extended family is still there. We couldn't imagine hopping the ocean and not stopping by for a visit. So, when my Aeroplan points whipped up a redeye flight to Heathrow the Monday evening following our wedding weekend, we booked immediately & dreaming up our adventure.

Our time in London was short & sweet - I'm talking a mere twenty four hours! Steven snoozed nearly the entire flight to Heathrow and I watched a bunch of movies in between naps. When we landed, it was late Tuesday morning and holy heck, we were officially honeymooning (!!!)

The Heathrow Express sped us from the airport to Paddington terminal in a quick fifteen minutes and from there, we made our way to our hotel just off Hyde Park. I have a genuine soft spot for boutique hotels and thankfully, my husband tolerably goes along with the often eclectic, usually tiny, always darling spaces. After I found a particularly good rate for the neighbourhood, we checked into the Arbor Hyde Park Hotel, a beautifully restored 19th century townhouse.

We burst out laughing over the coziest of cozy square footage, made ourselves espresso, and ventured back out into the gorgeous August weather in search of much-needed lunch. Steven has some food allergies, the most serious of which being to gluten, so we're extra careful when it comes to dining out. Around a few corners, we found a little English pub with cider on tap and a full GF menu! Hello, good English mash.

Even though London wasn't part of the initial plans, we dedicated some time to mapping out our afternoon & evening amongst a few sightseeing spots - Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Big Ben, plus a few hole in the wall cocktail bars. And then, we made a rookie travel mistake. After the previous week of wedding wonderfulness, after fourteen hours of traveling, after jumbling our inner clocks zooming through more than half a dozen times zones, and after filling our bellies with good food, we got back to The Arbor and we decided to take a nap.
I'd love to tell you we woke up an hour later feeling so refreshed, then strolled through London hand in hand, gazing lovingly into each other's eyes. Sorry to disappoint, folks. We actually woke up nearly seven hours later, feeling entirely refreshed, albeit a bit silly. Such is life. After wandering down to the lobby in search of late night dinner options, we decided to grab a quick drink in the lounge.
Turns out, the hilarious group celebrating next to us was the owners (!!!) and their renovation team, whom were all clinking glasses over the first birthday of the hotel's stunning restoration. They heard our Canadian accents, plus a few mentions of the wedding, and the night rolled on from there. We stuck around until the sun was nearly up making friends with these wonderful hosts, who shared terrifying renovation mishaps and asked a billion questions about our wedding day & honeymoon plans. When we finally did make it back to our room, there was a chilled bottle of bubbly waiting for us, compliments of the hotel! It was such a sweet & thoughtful gesture.

The bubbly worked its magic because after another (much shorter) cat nap, we happily awoke on Wednesday morn and the haziness of jet lag was a long forgotten memory! Whew. We had early afternoon train tickets booked to Paris so we took a stroll through the neighbourhood and the park, packed up, then headed off to the gorgeous St. Pancras Station.

Had we planned a bit better, I'd have loved to hop across the street to King's Cross Station and drool over that white steel roof, not to mention pop by Platform 9 3/4! However, we settled in at Searcys Champagne Bar, spent some time scribbling down shared wedding memories in the journal I brought along, then devoured delicious bowls of GF pasta on Carluccio's seemingly outdoor patio. From there, it was a breeze boarding the train (my first ever European rail experience!) and we were Paris bound!

And so, although the London recommendations only total one gem of a hotel & some delicious travel eats, neither of us regret those uninterrupted hours of sleep that overthrew our London day. Planning a wedding takes a lot out of you - it's busy and fun and overwhelming and packed full of really, really good moments. Still, by the time we set off on our honeymoon, Steven and I were both craving some quiet alone time, together. No hard feelings, body + mind, we know you were just telling us what yah really needed.

I really have no idea how I'm to fit the trillion photos we have from Paris into one post. We only spent four days in The City of Light but oh my goodness did we walk and wander and explore. Whether it's one post or two, there'll be Parisienne prettiness on the blog next week!

a note - I (finally) sorted out my fickly account so you can now officially follow Mr and Mrs L on Bloglovin' (!!!)

the surreal moments.

Thursday, October 15

This past Friday, each with a glass of bubbly in hand, my husband and I found immense joy in looking through the photography collection from our wedding day. We dedicated more than a few hours to going through all of 'em, over and over and over, happily reliving the moments & emotions from a truly surreal morning, day, and eve. Being in two different cities most of the time, we thought it unlikely that we'd get to take in this particular moment side by side. So thank you, fate, for finding me curled up beside him and for giving us the luxury of laughing and crying and reminiscing together; it was absolutely wonderful.

The moments are fleeting, in a near magical way, throughout your wedding. Time moves far more quickly than you ever would've thought possible. And yet, it also moves as though on a slow motion reel - blurry and silent and perfect. Scribbled out, I do realize how ridiculous that sounds. Like I said, it is utterly surreal. Words aside (for once), I am inexplicably grateful to now have so many of those moments forever captured.

Sooner rather than later, I do hope to blog much of the goodness that was our wedding day. Believe me, any and every reason to be entirely nostalgic brings about serious warm fuzzies! Until then, we're simply enjoying the laughter and happiness that comes from sharing our photographs with our family, bridal party, and dearest friends.

[ photo by James Moes via our wedding morn; my great-grandma's earrings & heirlooms from the '20s ]

a happy weekend.

Friday, October 9

Y'all, the best news: my husband is here! Steven flew in yesterday afternoon & we get to spend the entire weekend together. Needless to say, my heart is so friggin' happy right now. We're going to take lots of walks, drink lots of vino, and even go out on a good ol' fashioned date night (take that, Netflix!). And, like we do every fall, we'll be making the biggest batch of vegetarian chili ever. How are you spending your long weekend, friends?

Here are some reads to make the last workday before the weekend speed by ...

// A list of all the cars James Bond has driven.

// It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend! We're making gluten free pumpkin pie!

// Vol. 2 of Poppy Barley's magazine is hot off the internet press!

// Snippet & Ink's #WordsToLoveBy is one of my favourite hashtags ever ever.

// I shared this piece on finding those family-friends a while ago on twitter & just had to again.

// A video on pronouncing Irish names that made me laugh out loud. I so get it.

// The bestest fall footwear (now, to learn how to style ankle booties)!

// How to spend 9 glorious days in Croatia.

// The inspiration board for my upcoming hair appointment. Fringe? Blunt cut? Hair dye? All three?

// A well stocked collection of real life movie set homes.

// I've had this tune on repeat lately.

[ photo via this blog, where the prettiest Parisienne photos are ]

taking stock // October

Thursday, October 8

It was never intended that this week be as quiet as it has been. I've got a big ol' stack of good drafts that are all one last edit away from sharing. I guess this just wasn't the week for them. That being said, this monthly series is definitely on the easier side of scribbling & it makes me smile every time. It is one of those projects that will be absolutely fantastic to reflect back on; it feels like glimpses at the little in-betweens that get swept off to the side as we take in the big picture.

Writing: study notes.
Cooking: veggie stir fry. 
Reading: psychology articles.
Wanting: an entire movie's worth of husband cuddles.
Looking: forward.
Drinking: tea x253632111.
Playing: catch up on laundry.
Deciding: what to wear out on this weekend's date night.
Wishing: really, really wishing, that my brain would quiet down at bedtime.
Liking: the chill in the air! 
Wondering: about eyelash extensions. *gulp*
Loving: the care package my man sent by snail mail. this guy, y'all! seriously.
Browsing: fabrics & wallpapers.
Watching: Grey's Anatomy, from the beginning.
Hoping: that sinus infection never ever ever comes back. 
Marvelling: at how, 54 years later, my grandparents still adore each another.
Needing: a trip back to Ireland.
Smelling: vanilla candles & eucalyptus essential oils.  
Wearing: the oversized knit from our engagement photos. all the sappy feels. 
Following: the winding little beach trail to the water every morning.
Enjoying: all the wonderful #BlogPodium15 posts.
Waiting: for my hubs to arrive (!!!) 
Noticing: so many meaningful communities growing within my home city.
Knowing: that what is meant for me will not pass me by.
Thinking: about babies #sorrynotsorry.
Admiring: my professor's dedication to her work.
Sorting: through my closet. again. donate? toss? keep? swap?
Buying: the new read for our blogger book club!
Getting: back into the swing of running for more than a few miles.
Giggling: over the ridiculous topics that make up text messages from my bestie.
Bookmarking: easy sewing patterns.
Feeling: just a wee bit stressed. yet, relieved at the exact same time.

a note - all the photos in my Taking Stock series are my own.
another note - this one is from September & here is where Taking Stock started. 

a restful weekend.

Friday, October 2

Just like that, September has come & gone.
I am on the tail end of a wicked mean sinus infection; the past few days have been one giant pity party around here. Thankfully, I had planned on quite the low-key weekend anyway, textbooks in hand while getting ahead in my classwork & readings, because the hubs is flying in for a visit next Friday (!!!). And when the words all begin to blur together, as they have a tendency to do, I'm going to pull a classic Aislin and take myself out to the movies. I've heard nothing but good, good things about The Intern (come on! a new Nancy Meyers film?! heck yes). What've you got on the go for the first weekend of October?

And, here you go, darlings! A few reads for your weekend ...

// During the month leading up to All Hallows' Eve, this forever favourite will definitely be on repeat in our house.

// A blog, two books, a bebe,  a clothing line, and now, a home collection?! Emily = definite #girlboss.

// Are you guilty of faking it on Instagram?

// The 430 books in Marilyn Monroe's library (plus, a number of other book lists).

// Pixel Paper Hearts just released her holiday cards!

// 204 Park & My Pennies, My Thoughts both shared wonderful recaps of our adventures at Blog Podium!

// Lately, this song has been the last tune on my running playlist.

// Here's a documentary all about Archie's Betty to accompany last weekend's vintage comic.

// We've been passively house hunting for a while & I found this witty video hilarious.

// *muah* A silly little personality list that had me checking all my lipstick tubes.

// I could never be ruthless with donating my books, but magazines & clothes? See yah!

[ photo via the Winchester Cathedral; isn't the Deanery Bookstall dreamy?]

packing for our honeymoon.

Wednesday, September 30

honeymoon // tops

This time last month we were in Ireland. le sigh.
It still gives me butterflies reminiscing on our honeymoon & I cannot wait to share our trip deets soon enough. Firstly though, let's talk clothes! This was the first trip ever that Steven and I packed all of our things together. We took two suitcases, one large & one carry-on, plus a backpack (thanks, Diana of 204 Park + Harlow High Street!) and my two favourite totes: an absolute classic & a canvas one with the sweetest message. Even with our largely neutral wardrobes - cheers, black + white + grey - and my trusted packing rules: similar colours + classic outfits + shoes matter, do believe me when I say we used all the space we had.

Alright, so, up on top. A sweet friend gifted me that wifey tee and it was one of the first items this happy new wife tossed in the suitcase, cliché et al. We knew our destination weather would be mostly hot & humid so I also tossed in every crop top I own (a wild total of four) for good measure. And no matter the weather, always pack a scarf! You just never know how absolutely freezing an airplane will be or when you'll need to keep your hair from going frizzy in the rain.

honeymoon // delicates
honeymoon // swimwear

I hate bras. TMI? *shrugs*. But seriously, at the ripe old age of 25 I am still waiting for the boob fairies to remember me so, until then, me & my As are gonna rock the heck out of lacy bralettes, sans underwire. The second half of our honeymoon called for beachwear and I was happy to oblige. See, a few years back I jumped off the bikini train & landed in a pile of high-waisted wonderfulness. I was the odd one out on the beach for a while but I felt confident as heck in my '50s getup. Do what suits you, gals (pun intended)! The kimono I packed as a beach coverup was the same one I wore while getting ready on the morning of our wedding (not ^^^ that ^^^ one, the link one).

honeymoon // dresseshoneymoon // bottoms

Dresses + honeymoons go together like Nutella + spoons. In July, I found a simple grey-blue maxi dress on the Zara sale rack, then proceeded to live in it all summer long. That LBD is the best H&M purchase I've ever made; I own it twice in black + once in royal blue. After getting caught in a downpour in Paris, we did have to buy some warmer clothes so I added the 93rd pair of black cigarette pants to my collection. As far as shorts go, I'm not really a fan of denim, which makes me thankful for the breezy, pattern-happy look that was oh so trendy this summer.

honeymoon // shoes

Never underestimate the power of a good shoe! I swapped out fancy heels/wedges for gilded, custom-made (!!!) flats ordered from Poppy Barley, a shoppe local to my home city committed to ethically manufacturing luxurious (and affordable) leather footwear. I own three pairs & cannot wait to grow my collection! On a different note, those black Nikes will be my first & last pair. After just one day of wandering Paris, my feet were aching. I really don't know how people run in those. Thankfully, my Birks and a oh-sure-toss-'em-in pair of strappy sandals saved the rest of the days.

And there you have it!
The pieces of my wardrobe over our two week, three country, six city long honeymoon.
Stay tuned for a bunch of semi-blurry iPhone pictures of the actual outfits!

tops: 1 // 2 // 3 + 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 + 8
layers: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4
delicates: 1 + 2 + 3 // 4
swim: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6
dresses: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //
bottoms: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6
shoes: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

* due to the rather archaic nature of my closet, many of the items
 I brought on our honeymoon are no longer around to be purchased
 in stores. If I couldn't find an item, a like one was used or linked.

a girls weekend.

Friday, September 25

Coming at you live from YVR! Hi, weekend, and hello, Blog Podium! YAY! I flew in last night, met my dad & stepmum for dinner (padre is also in town for a conference, though not one as fun as blogging: mining. uhhh?), then promptly fell asleep fully clothed atop my duvet. While I wait for the rest of my gals to arrive this evening I'm swinging by Poppy Barley's PopUp to pick up my newest pair: made-to-measure slip on oxfords. They are the ruby slippers to my Dorothy. And a cute side note: do any of you remember Katy Keene from Archie Comics? I burst out laughing when a friend sent me ^^^ that ^^^ paper doll picture and a note that read: 'I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU GET TO BREATHE THE SAME AIR AS JILLIAN HARRIS. Also. Is this how you packed but all in black and white?'
Seriously, my gals just get me. And now, some weekend internet reads :)

// A list of all the attendees of Blog Podium 2015 (!!!)

// Every tip ever for life in a tiny apartment.

// This Vanity Fair article gave me baby fever. Very well dressed baby fever, mind you.

// Do you believe in Mercury retrograde? *raises hand* Here, how to make the most of these crazed days.

// So far, this book is amazing. It is also heartbreaking, painfully hilarious, sad, happy, & so very real.

// On finding the perfect city (a secret: I'm not certain I ever will).

// Washable cashmere? Heck yes! Four Kit and Ace outfits that are perfect for autumn.

// Here is what happens when you toss half of your wardrobe.

// A home tour that had me moments away from booking a flight back to Paris.

// How to create writing habits, you know, if you must.

//You can (finally) Follow my blog with Bloglovin !!!

// My dear friend, Janine, launched her redesigned blog this week!

all the feels for blogging + Blog Podium '15.

Wednesday, September 23

Happy autumn, friends!
My favourite season arrived well before the equinox, as it usually does, and I have welcomed it with open arms. I love this time of year; the way the air feels, the vibrancy of the colours, the mellowness that takes over after those hectic summer months. What has completely caught me off guard, however, is the fact that September is nearly over. I don't mean that in a blinked-and-missed-it-all sort of a way; it is more so just a conscious note of how preoccupied my mind has been. I'll be the first to admit to having bitten off a tad more than I can chew with regards to coursework this term. And lately, there is a quiet, aching sense of homesickness than has taken up residence in my mind. Thankfully, though, my calendar is covered in happy distractions to balance out the absurd amount of textbook readings & paper reviews I've so diligently committed myself to. The first of which is Blog Podium (!!!).

Sometimes I find it difficult to articulate exactly what it is that leaves me all goo-goo over blogging. There is a plenitude of aspects that are enjoyable - the creativity, the narrative, the thoughtfulness, the dedication. Oh, and that sense of accomplishment every time you hit 'publish'. Each is important, yes, but even all together, they aren't everything. The everything is the community; it is the women I've met since first starting a blog in 2011. I won't keep you long on the corner of sappy street & heartfelt lane, but it goes without saying that all of the inspiration, guidance, laughter, "yes, you just get it!" moments, and good, good vibes that come from this blogosphere really have bloomed (and are blooming) into some of the most genuine friendships in my life. Laugh if you'd like but there is something nearly magical about the way you can grow a connection via the internets, then meet for that coffee or yummy dessert or at a networking event and feel entirely like old friends. Admit it, it's pretty neat.

Anyways, back to the fabulousness that is taking place this upcoming Saturday: Blog Podium! Certainly one of the highlights of this year's conference (aside from the gathering of like-minded bloggers! ahhh!) is the location: hi there, West Coast. Vancouver is just a hop-skip-jump away. I remember getting more & more excited as I watched the list of local attendees grow - bloggers, creatives, companies! Needless to say, I am looking forward to soaking in some serious internet wisdom, developing new connections (aka putting voices to the twitter + instagrams @s I've come to know daily), and learning a thing or two in the photography department.
Plus, there are six of us #yegblogpodiumsquad gals sharing adjoining rooms - Breanne, Janine, Nicole, Kristina, Diana, and myself. Doesn't that have bathtub full of chilled vino, definitely not enough space for all the clothes, selfies galore, & '90s dance parties written all over it? It's gonna be good. AND, at 25, I finally have a 'business' card with my name on it - say what?!

More upcoming happy notes: I am finally scribbling some posts about our honeymoon (thanks for the shove along, K!). I also have another little series on the go; it is full of warm fuzzies & good stories. Then, the hubs is coming to visit over Thanksgiving weekend. I am secretly hoping he brings the cat. And, a month from now, I fly back to Edmonton to witness our sweet friends' wedding! So like ... whatever, school.
I may not be too cool for you, but the spare time I do have is filled to the brim with the good stuff.

[ mug // Anthropologie  - day planner // Merci - crazy talented art // Justine Ma Design ]

a happy weekend.

Friday, September 18

From now until mid-December I have no commitments to be on campus on Fridays and the plan is to toss those textbooks in my weekender every chance I get. So, hi there, #YEG! I flew in last night, woke up next to my hubs this morning, and all feels right in the world. One of my little brothers is also flying in for a visit so while us four kids are in the same city at the same time (a rarity!) we're taking our mom out for an early birthday dinner. I am hoping to go for a morning run through the river valley - this photo was all the convincing I needed. We've also planned a good old fashioned movie night in. You know: popcorn, way too much candy, some vino, our two silly pets, & lots of warm blankets. It feels good to be spending a long weekend's worth of time with my people. What are you up to? Here are some links to enjoy!

// Keeping blog posts organized can be challenging. This DIY planner is really helping.

// A mesmerizing video by a talented, mindful animator.

// If you'd like to get to know the city in which I was born & raised a bit better, start here.

// My grandma lent me this book and I quite like it so far.

// A fellow classmate is documenting her research on yoga, university classrooms, & learning.

// I have one particularly bad habit that I am consciously trying to break.

// Scandal is amazing & I want to drink wine just like Olivia, even if it's wrong.

// 6 Tips for Overcoming Travel Anxiety (written by my home city gal, Nicole).

// I think I have finally found the perfect oversized camel coat.

// This was the first song to play after we were pronounced husband & wife! He chose it; I love it.

[ photo via this blog; a beautiful space & an interesting article]

our wedding weekend, via our iPhones

Tuesday, September 15

That right there is the last photo I have of us before we became husband and wife. It was taken in the parking lot after our rehearsal dinner, when we snuck away from our bridal party (whom were all working together to fit two 30" balloons into the back of a vehicle: serious hilarity, trust me) to have just a few moments to ourselves. We were giddy & teary-eyed & still laughing over the events of the evening.

Hi there, one month anniversary of marriage (!!!). Somebody hand us a bottle of bubbly and some star stickers. I went for a run & to class in one city and Steven went to work & the gym in another city. It really kind of sucked. We're the first to admit to clicking through these exact photos, the ones that'll probably never leave our iPhones, when we find ourselves particularly lonely and unable to chat. Soon enough, I know we'll be face timing (or maybe we'll luck out and be sitting side by side!) as we click through our pro, drool worthy wedding photographs, but for now these gems are what we have to match to our memories of the happiest day of our lives.

Here are the three whole photos I have from my morning as a bride. The gals, my sweet bridesmaids, are incredible women - suffering through my beloved '80s films, creating stunning bouquets (Margo, I heart you & you amazingly talented, wonderful soul), eating leftover doughnuts, and getting entirely glamorous. Even now, it makes me smile to hear how relaxed everyone felt that morn'. And me? I felt oh so at home amongst my ladies.

Not one of these snaps were taken by moi - props to the hubs! Look at those selfie skills! Each of our venues and photography spots (a small local art gallery, a historic hotel, a family friend's private residence, & an eclectic restaurant, all in the heart of our beautiful city!) were breathtaking in their own way and complete reflections of the two of us.

I swear that black square is a photo. In fact, it's a special one. Laying in our hotel bed, we snapped one last photo on our wedding day. The timestamp is the very best part: 4:43 am. We danced until the sun nearly rose, took a longer-than-expected stroll back to our hotel, devoured pizza & laughed until we cried in our room, then made our debut as a married couple by singing one of my bridesmaids a very happy birthday in the morn'. That, my friends, is how a wedding is done. 

breakfast muffins.

Monday, September 14

Everyone, say hi to my hubby, Steven!
( My love, thank you for supporting your wife's blogging, you patient man ).
And thank you for actually writing down your recipes so they can be shared. He never does that and it drives me nuts. Think about it! What if it tastes so, so good one time & then you can't remember next time what you added last time and then it never tastes that good again?! The terror, I swear.

Anyway, here are two extra healthy, entirely gluten free breakfast anytime muffin recipes!
My in-laws always send us home with the freshest produce from their small town garden and after we've had our fill of stir-fries, Steven looks for other ways to use those veggies up. Hence the additions of shredded carrots & zucchinis - howdy, 10-12 servings of greens a day!

(makes 20 muffins)
2 ripe bananas, mashed
1 cup quinoa flakes
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp salt
1 scoop protein powder
1/2 cup Enjoy Life chocolate chips
1/2 grated unpeeled zucchini
1/2 cup grated carrots

- preheat oven to 350F
- mix bananas, cinnamon, vanilla, protein powder together
- stir in quinoa flakes, zucchini, carrots
- stir in chocolate chips
- scoop batter into lined muffin pans
(or in 'piles' on cookie sheet)
- bake for 15 - 18 minutes
- devour !!

(makes 20 muffins)
1 cup coconut flour
1/2 cup almond flour
3 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
8 eggs
1/3 cup honey
2 tsp vanilla extract
3 Tsp coconut oil
1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 banana, mashed
2 cup grated unpeeled zucchini
1 cup grated carrot

- preheat over to 350F
- combine dry ingredients in a bowl
- in a food processor:
- add eggs, honey, vanilla, coconut oil / pulse to mix
- add dry ingredients to wet bowl / pulse to mix
- let mix sit for 3-5 minutes
- add apple cider vinegar, banana, veggies to bowl / pulse to mix
- scoop batter into lined muffin pans
- bake for 20 - 25 minutes
- devour !! (and keep leftover muffins in the refrigerator) 

And there you have it! Two batches of deliciousness & one cameo by our feline sous chef, Clark! 

a quiet weekend.

Friday, September 11

September will forever be my favourite month. It has little to do with my birthday and much more to do with returning to school, the changing colours outside, & the reconnection to a routine after the busier summertime. Since moving back to my 'uni town' (as my baba calls it) on Tuesday, I've mostly settled in. The closet has been organized, the meals prepped, & I managed to pop by the campus bookstore early yesterday morning to pick up the last of my textbooks. That leaves the next few days to be spent devouring the last of my summer reads & going on a few long walks.

What have you got planned? Here's some light reading to start you off well & good . . .

// Feeling pretty confident that this is the perfect flourless chocolate zucchini muffins recipe.

// Wise words from a fit genius in my home city on literally moving through stress.

// The very real difference between blogging and writing.

// Behind the scenes photographs from one of my favourite film sagas ever!

// If we were to honeymoon in the '50s, a surprise trip would be it!

// "Today, the tree stands as a reminder of resilience, survival, and rebirth."

// A truly inspiring woman and creative mind turned 80 yesterday.

// Two guides for packing for a n y w h e r e !! Travel Light + Pack For Where?

// And I'm planning to live in this sweater for the entirety of fall.

// Well, safe to say my new favourite day of the week is whine Wednesdays.

// Kristina reads really good books & writes really good reviews.

// Truth be told, our favourite meal in Belfast was here.

[ photo via this tumblr, a constant source of happiness for book lovers everywhere ]

taking stock // September

Thursday, September 10

I am a words gal, through and through. It's funny actually. A part of my wander back to blogging happened when I noticed the scribbles below my 'gram posts becoming so much lengthier. I could legitimately see myself trying to tell each story of each little square on that curated grid. It's always been a hard thing to balance (for myself anyway) in this social media savvy world: the urge to capture a moment from behind a lens & the absolute wonder that comes along with just soaking it all in. Words are my happy in-between. I can stand in awe of where ever my feet are and quietly memorize. Then, later, I pull out a pen and commit it all to another sort of memory; the way the air felt, the way the people moved, the way that cool metal wrought iron looked just like lace trim.

So here are some words on all the current feels. Taking Stock.
I have dedicatedly read Pip's blog since 2011 and am so happy I still do.

Writing: lists, as usual.
Cooking: breakfasts!
Reading: It's What I Do & This is Happy at the same time; heavy but goooood.
Wanting: one of those big, fluffy, blanket bath towels.
Looking: through our honeymoon photos, over & over & over.
Drinking: more tea, less coffee.
Playing: James Bay on repeat.
Deciding: to prioritize wisely.
Wishing: my hubs was here. Okay, and the pets too.
Enjoying: the feeling of writing again.
Waiting: (impatiently) for Blog Podium at the end of the month (!!!)
Liking: this pace, right here and now.
Wondering: if this whole 'morning person' gig will stick.
Loving: the subtle hints of fall.
Browsing: property listings ... but not where you'd think.
Watching: Scandal! how was I so late to this party?!
Hoping: and trusting in this path. 
Marvelling: at how fast this summer flew by.
Needing: more sleep.
Smelling: essential oils.
Wearing: socks + slippers. hi, chilly fall air. 
Following: all of these inspiring Pinterest boards.
Noticing: the thoughtful changes marriage has brought to our lives.
Knowing: twenty-five is going to be just as good great as twenty-four.
Thinking: it's due time for a hairstyle change. Parisienne fringe? I think so.
Admiring: a close friend's strength.
Sorting: through the archives of my old blogs.
Buying: flights home.
Getting: organized for the semester ahead.
Bookmarking: wool coats for winter.
Giggling: over Virgo horoscopes.
Feeling: patient. 

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