a girls weekend.

Friday, September 25

Coming at you live from YVR! Hi, weekend, and hello, Blog Podium! YAY! I flew in last night, met my dad & stepmum for dinner (padre is also in town for a conference, though not one as fun as blogging: mining. uhhh?), then promptly fell asleep fully clothed atop my duvet. While I wait for the rest of my gals to arrive this evening I'm swinging by Poppy Barley's PopUp to pick up my newest pair: made-to-measure slip on oxfords. They are the ruby slippers to my Dorothy. And a cute side note: do any of you remember Katy Keene from Archie Comics? I burst out laughing when a friend sent me ^^^ that ^^^ paper doll picture and a note that read: 'I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU GET TO BREATHE THE SAME AIR AS JILLIAN HARRIS. Also. Is this how you packed but all in black and white?'
Seriously, my gals just get me. And now, some weekend internet reads :)

// A list of all the attendees of Blog Podium 2015 (!!!)

// Every tip ever for life in a tiny apartment.

// This Vanity Fair article gave me baby fever. Very well dressed baby fever, mind you.

// Do you believe in Mercury retrograde? *raises hand* Here, how to make the most of these crazed days.

// So far, this book is amazing. It is also heartbreaking, painfully hilarious, sad, happy, & so very real.

// On finding the perfect city (a secret: I'm not certain I ever will).

// Washable cashmere? Heck yes! Four Kit and Ace outfits that are perfect for autumn.

// Here is what happens when you toss half of your wardrobe.

// A home tour that had me moments away from booking a flight back to Paris.

// How to create writing habits, you know, if you must.

//You can (finally) Follow my blog with Bloglovin !!!

// My dear friend, Janine, launched her redesigned blog this week!


  1. Okay, reading about mercury in retrograde was such an "ohhh, that explains things" moment! lol And I totally need to read those small apartment tips, says she who lives in an 800 sq ft condo



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