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Wednesday, September 23

Happy autumn, friends!
My favourite season arrived well before the equinox, as it usually does, and I have welcomed it with open arms. I love this time of year; the way the air feels, the vibrancy of the colours, the mellowness that takes over after those hectic summer months. What has completely caught me off guard, however, is the fact that September is nearly over. I don't mean that in a blinked-and-missed-it-all sort of a way; it is more so just a conscious note of how preoccupied my mind has been. I'll be the first to admit to having bitten off a tad more than I can chew with regards to coursework this term. And lately, there is a quiet, aching sense of homesickness than has taken up residence in my mind. Thankfully, though, my calendar is covered in happy distractions to balance out the absurd amount of textbook readings & paper reviews I've so diligently committed myself to. The first of which is Blog Podium (!!!).

Sometimes I find it difficult to articulate exactly what it is that leaves me all goo-goo over blogging. There is a plenitude of aspects that are enjoyable - the creativity, the narrative, the thoughtfulness, the dedication. Oh, and that sense of accomplishment every time you hit 'publish'. Each is important, yes, but even all together, they aren't everything. The everything is the community; it is the women I've met since first starting a blog in 2011. I won't keep you long on the corner of sappy street & heartfelt lane, but it goes without saying that all of the inspiration, guidance, laughter, "yes, you just get it!" moments, and good, good vibes that come from this blogosphere really have bloomed (and are blooming) into some of the most genuine friendships in my life. Laugh if you'd like but there is something nearly magical about the way you can grow a connection via the internets, then meet for that coffee or yummy dessert or at a networking event and feel entirely like old friends. Admit it, it's pretty neat.

Anyways, back to the fabulousness that is taking place this upcoming Saturday: Blog Podium! Certainly one of the highlights of this year's conference (aside from the gathering of like-minded bloggers! ahhh!) is the location: hi there, West Coast. Vancouver is just a hop-skip-jump away. I remember getting more & more excited as I watched the list of local attendees grow - bloggers, creatives, companies! Needless to say, I am looking forward to soaking in some serious internet wisdom, developing new connections (aka putting voices to the twitter + instagrams @s I've come to know daily), and learning a thing or two in the photography department.
Plus, there are six of us #yegblogpodiumsquad gals sharing adjoining rooms - Breanne, Janine, Nicole, Kristina, Diana, and myself. Doesn't that have bathtub full of chilled vino, definitely not enough space for all the clothes, selfies galore, & '90s dance parties written all over it? It's gonna be good. AND, at 25, I finally have a 'business' card with my name on it - say what?!

More upcoming happy notes: I am finally scribbling some posts about our honeymoon (thanks for the shove along, K!). I also have another little series on the go; it is full of warm fuzzies & good stories. Then, the hubs is coming to visit over Thanksgiving weekend. I am secretly hoping he brings the cat. And, a month from now, I fly back to Edmonton to witness our sweet friends' wedding! So like ... whatever, school.
I may not be too cool for you, but the spare time I do have is filled to the brim with the good stuff.

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