a quiet weekend.

Friday, September 11

September will forever be my favourite month. It has little to do with my birthday and much more to do with returning to school, the changing colours outside, & the reconnection to a routine after the busier summertime. Since moving back to my 'uni town' (as my baba calls it) on Tuesday, I've mostly settled in. The closet has been organized, the meals prepped, & I managed to pop by the campus bookstore early yesterday morning to pick up the last of my textbooks. That leaves the next few days to be spent devouring the last of my summer reads & going on a few long walks.

What have you got planned? Here's some light reading to start you off well & good . . .

// Feeling pretty confident that this is the perfect flourless chocolate zucchini muffins recipe.

// Wise words from a fit genius in my home city on literally moving through stress.

// The very real difference between blogging and writing.

// Behind the scenes photographs from one of my favourite film sagas ever!

// If we were to honeymoon in the '50s, a surprise trip would be it!

// "Today, the tree stands as a reminder of resilience, survival, and rebirth."

// A truly inspiring woman and creative mind turned 80 yesterday.

// Two guides for packing for a n y w h e r e !! Travel Light + Pack For Where?

// And I'm planning to live in this sweater for the entirety of fall.

// Well, safe to say my new favourite day of the week is whine Wednesdays.

// Kristina reads really good books & writes really good reviews.

// Truth be told, our favourite meal in Belfast was here.

[ photo via this tumblr, a constant source of happiness for book lovers everywhere ]


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