our wedding weekend, via our iPhones

Tuesday, September 15

That right there is the last photo I have of us before we became husband and wife. It was taken in the parking lot after our rehearsal dinner, when we snuck away from our bridal party (whom were all working together to fit two 30" balloons into the back of a vehicle: serious hilarity, trust me) to have just a few moments to ourselves. We were giddy & teary-eyed & still laughing over the events of the evening.

Hi there, one month anniversary of marriage (!!!). Somebody hand us a bottle of bubbly and some star stickers. I went for a run & to class in one city and Steven went to work & the gym in another city. It really kind of sucked. We're the first to admit to clicking through these exact photos, the ones that'll probably never leave our iPhones, when we find ourselves particularly lonely and unable to chat. Soon enough, I know we'll be face timing (or maybe we'll luck out and be sitting side by side!) as we click through our pro, drool worthy wedding photographs, but for now these gems are what we have to match to our memories of the happiest day of our lives.

Here are the three whole photos I have from my morning as a bride. The gals, my sweet bridesmaids, are incredible women - suffering through my beloved '80s films, creating stunning bouquets (Margo, I heart you & you amazingly talented, wonderful soul), eating leftover doughnuts, and getting entirely glamorous. Even now, it makes me smile to hear how relaxed everyone felt that morn'. And me? I felt oh so at home amongst my ladies.

Not one of these snaps were taken by moi - props to the hubs! Look at those selfie skills! Each of our venues and photography spots (a small local art gallery, a historic hotel, a family friend's private residence, & an eclectic restaurant, all in the heart of our beautiful city!) were breathtaking in their own way and complete reflections of the two of us.

I swear that black square is a photo. In fact, it's a special one. Laying in our hotel bed, we snapped one last photo on our wedding day. The timestamp is the very best part: 4:43 am. We danced until the sun nearly rose, took a longer-than-expected stroll back to our hotel, devoured pizza & laughed until we cried in our room, then made our debut as a married couple by singing one of my bridesmaids a very happy birthday in the morn'. That, my friends, is how a wedding is done. 


  1. all of the warm fuzzies from the post <3

  2. sounds like it was the best day!! Can't wait to hear all about it this weekend :)

  3. OMG you were such a gorgeous bride! Who was your wedding photographer?



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