taking stock // September

Thursday, September 10

I am a words gal, through and through. It's funny actually. A part of my wander back to blogging happened when I noticed the scribbles below my 'gram posts becoming so much lengthier. I could legitimately see myself trying to tell each story of each little square on that curated grid. It's always been a hard thing to balance (for myself anyway) in this social media savvy world: the urge to capture a moment from behind a lens & the absolute wonder that comes along with just soaking it all in. Words are my happy in-between. I can stand in awe of where ever my feet are and quietly memorize. Then, later, I pull out a pen and commit it all to another sort of memory; the way the air felt, the way the people moved, the way that cool metal wrought iron looked just like lace trim.

So here are some words on all the current feels. Taking Stock.
I have dedicatedly read Pip's blog since 2011 and am so happy I still do.

Writing: lists, as usual.
Cooking: breakfasts!
Reading: It's What I Do & This is Happy at the same time; heavy but goooood.
Wanting: one of those big, fluffy, blanket bath towels.
Looking: through our honeymoon photos, over & over & over.
Drinking: more tea, less coffee.
Playing: James Bay on repeat.
Deciding: to prioritize wisely.
Wishing: my hubs was here. Okay, and the pets too.
Enjoying: the feeling of writing again.
Waiting: (impatiently) for Blog Podium at the end of the month (!!!)
Liking: this pace, right here and now.
Wondering: if this whole 'morning person' gig will stick.
Loving: the subtle hints of fall.
Browsing: property listings ... but not where you'd think.
Watching: Scandal! how was I so late to this party?!
Hoping: and trusting in this path. 
Marvelling: at how fast this summer flew by.
Needing: more sleep.
Smelling: essential oils.
Wearing: socks + slippers. hi, chilly fall air. 
Following: all of these inspiring Pinterest boards.
Noticing: the thoughtful changes marriage has brought to our lives.
Knowing: twenty-five is going to be just as good great as twenty-four.
Thinking: it's due time for a hairstyle change. Parisienne fringe? I think so.
Admiring: a close friend's strength.
Sorting: through the archives of my old blogs.
Buying: flights home.
Getting: organized for the semester ahead.
Bookmarking: wool coats for winter.
Giggling: over Virgo horoscopes.
Feeling: patient. 


  1. I love this so much! It's much more detailed than any of the other ones I've seen! Heart you & your blog

  2. James Bay and more tea?? I'm glad I made a lasting impression lol!! I love this Ais...can't wait to read more xx



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