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Tuesday, September 8

On my twenty-fifth birthday, my gift to myself is blog. Again x2 (the blog, not the birthday).
For the third time, I'm scribbling away on a little corner of the internet, writing out a story that is special just to us. Okay, maybe to our moms too. And probably to my gals, who always dedicatedly read ... usually. So, without further ado!

My name is Aislin. My husband goes by Steven.
We are newlyweds as of just a few short weeks ago (!!!).

Let me begin by saying our first year of marriage does not look to be what either of us ever would have guessed. I am finishing my degree in one city while my husband & our two pets remain in another city (my home city, his adopted home city). We did this same long distance rigamarole last year too. It was lots of things; lonely, stressful, oddly hilarious, sad, happy, strange, and really, an adventure for us both. This time 'round we have wisdom + experience on our side, and while we're being truthful, because that's what you do on these internet pages that everyone gets to read, we've lucked out with a  very real case of newlywed elation paired with that honeymoon stage giddiness.
Bring it, long distance, we're ready for yah.

While discussing this upcoming year and what its purpose was, what the intentions of yet another chunk of time spent apart means for our lives, we somehow circled back to the importance of having writing in my life. Since I was little, I've always kept a journal (usually two or three at a time). Over the years, I've scribbled short stories and scripts and notes and thoughts and yes, blogs too. Writing is my solace. After more than a few heartfelt talks about priorities, routines, and rituals, the sparkle that would be our little blog began to twinkle. Like it says, this is just another place written as an ode to us; our marriage, our travels, and our tribe, plus his really yummy recipes and my never ending lists.

So, you know, hi! Bonjour!
Welcome; cozy up, stay a while! All those good things.

Here's to the first few words of the very first chapter of Mr and Mrs L.


  1. Congrats girl! Can't wait to follow along :) And as one past long distance relationship-er to another, the time will fly and the distance actually makes you stronger. Nothing like being apart to hone those communication skills XO

  2. oooooooo! I am so excited! This makes me all warm and fuzzy you two are my fav! Now I can only wish my hubby would write haha! I can't wait to read every step of the way!!!!! Happy 25th birthday, this getting older thing is actually pretty rad with friends like you and steven!

    We love you both so much!

  3. Yay!!! Huge congrats on this new chapter! It's going to be incredible! XO

  4. Oh I know these long distance relationships too well. I love this introduction, can't wait to meet you.



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