a restful weekend.

Friday, October 2

Just like that, September has come & gone.
I am on the tail end of a wicked mean sinus infection; the past few days have been one giant pity party around here. Thankfully, I had planned on quite the low-key weekend anyway, textbooks in hand while getting ahead in my classwork & readings, because the hubs is flying in for a visit next Friday (!!!). And when the words all begin to blur together, as they have a tendency to do, I'm going to pull a classic Aislin and take myself out to the movies. I've heard nothing but good, good things about The Intern (come on! a new Nancy Meyers film?! heck yes). What've you got on the go for the first weekend of October?

And, here you go, darlings! A few reads for your weekend ...

// During the month leading up to All Hallows' Eve, this forever favourite will definitely be on repeat in our house.

// A blog, two books, a bebe,  a clothing line, and now, a home collection?! Emily = definite #girlboss.

// Are you guilty of faking it on Instagram?

// The 430 books in Marilyn Monroe's library (plus, a number of other book lists).

// Pixel Paper Hearts just released her holiday cards!

// 204 Park & My Pennies, My Thoughts both shared wonderful recaps of our adventures at Blog Podium!

// Lately, this song has been the last tune on my running playlist.

// Here's a documentary all about Archie's Betty to accompany last weekend's vintage comic.

// We've been passively house hunting for a while & I found this witty video hilarious.

// *muah* A silly little personality list that had me checking all my lipstick tubes.

// I could never be ruthless with donating my books, but magazines & clothes? See yah!

[ photo via the Winchester Cathedral; isn't the Deanery Bookstall dreamy?]


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