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Friday, October 30

I hope you brought your reading glasses, friends.
I've fallen slightly behind with my little blog. At the very least, take my word on the fact that ALL I feel like writing about lately is our wedding and honeymoon. Seriously, I look through our photographs at least once a day.

After a month away, I spent last weekend in my home city. The timing was perfect; what they say about absence and the heart and fondness is so very, very true. And the reason to be back was beautiful: our dear friend married the love of her life in a late autumn wedding on a warm (!!!) & sunny day. Steven has known the bride since grade school and holy heck is she ever a sweet soul with a serious eye for glam wedding decor. You know it, Syd, you talented gal! I cried at the ceremony and at the reception and during the first dance and that about sums me up throughout every wedding ever. The dance floor was bumpin', I made off with a loot bag of sweets from the pink + gold candy bar, and yes, a midnight pizza delivery order was definitely placed.

Last year, Steven and I found it difficult to balance the somewhat hectic schedules that often accompanied me on weekends home. In the span of a few days, we'd be worn thin bouncing between family time and friends time and me off to gals nights and wait, what about us time - it was exhausting. This weekend was a pretty sound indication that with time comes lessons learned. We managed to pull off two date nights (!!!) and celebrate a wedding, and while I still got to spend time with my family and closest friends, we actually got some sleep too. On Friday evening, I met a fellow blog gal for vino, cheese, and a heartfelt chat. On Saturday morning before the wedding, I laughed (and happy cried) through our wedding collection with my dad and stepmum. Then, on Sunday morning + afternoon, I literally camped out at perhaps my favourite coffee shop in all of YEG - Sugarbowl, you get all the heart eyes - with my mum in the morn' and some of my closest gals right after, going through all the photographs over again. It was really important to both Steven and I that we got to share in those moments. Besides, watching the reactions are absolutely priceless; my dad's crying face made everyone tear up! I really should've live recorded the peanut gallery that is five girls clicking through a thousand photos. Our second date night took us to the ice rink where we cheered extra loudly at the good ol' hockey game!

And there you have it, friends: a quick recap of a particularly good weekend.
Speaking of weekends, have a spooky one! Tomorrow is the closest our world gets to that of the dead.
But if that isn't really your thing, just enjoy the sugar highs, jack-o-lanterns, & little kiddos in adorable costumes.


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