taking stock // October

Thursday, October 8

It was never intended that this week be as quiet as it has been. I've got a big ol' stack of good drafts that are all one last edit away from sharing. I guess this just wasn't the week for them. That being said, this monthly series is definitely on the easier side of scribbling & it makes me smile every time. It is one of those projects that will be absolutely fantastic to reflect back on; it feels like glimpses at the little in-betweens that get swept off to the side as we take in the big picture.

Writing: study notes.
Cooking: veggie stir fry. 
Reading: psychology articles.
Wanting: an entire movie's worth of husband cuddles.
Looking: forward.
Drinking: tea x253632111.
Playing: catch up on laundry.
Deciding: what to wear out on this weekend's date night.
Wishing: really, really wishing, that my brain would quiet down at bedtime.
Liking: the chill in the air! 
Wondering: about eyelash extensions. *gulp*
Loving: the care package my man sent by snail mail. this guy, y'all! seriously.
Browsing: fabrics & wallpapers.
Watching: Grey's Anatomy, from the beginning.
Hoping: that sinus infection never ever ever comes back. 
Marvelling: at how, 54 years later, my grandparents still adore each another.
Needing: a trip back to Ireland.
Smelling: vanilla candles & eucalyptus essential oils.  
Wearing: the oversized knit from our engagement photos. all the sappy feels. 
Following: the winding little beach trail to the water every morning.
Enjoying: all the wonderful #BlogPodium15 posts.
Waiting: for my hubs to arrive (!!!) 
Noticing: so many meaningful communities growing within my home city.
Knowing: that what is meant for me will not pass me by.
Thinking: about babies #sorrynotsorry.
Admiring: my professor's dedication to her work.
Sorting: through my closet. again. donate? toss? keep? swap?
Buying: the new read for our blogger book club!
Getting: back into the swing of running for more than a few miles.
Giggling: over the ridiculous topics that make up text messages from my bestie.
Bookmarking: easy sewing patterns.
Feeling: just a wee bit stressed. yet, relieved at the exact same time.

a note - all the photos in my Taking Stock series are my own.
another note - this one is from September & here is where Taking Stock started. 


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