the surreal moments.

Thursday, October 15

This past Friday, each with a glass of bubbly in hand, my husband and I found immense joy in looking through the photography collection from our wedding day. We dedicated more than a few hours to going through all of 'em, over and over and over, happily reliving the moments & emotions from a truly surreal morning, day, and eve. Being in two different cities most of the time, we thought it unlikely that we'd get to take in this particular moment side by side. So thank you, fate, for finding me curled up beside him and for giving us the luxury of laughing and crying and reminiscing together; it was absolutely wonderful.

The moments are fleeting, in a near magical way, throughout your wedding. Time moves far more quickly than you ever would've thought possible. And yet, it also moves as though on a slow motion reel - blurry and silent and perfect. Scribbled out, I do realize how ridiculous that sounds. Like I said, it is utterly surreal. Words aside (for once), I am inexplicably grateful to now have so many of those moments forever captured.

Sooner rather than later, I do hope to blog much of the goodness that was our wedding day. Believe me, any and every reason to be entirely nostalgic brings about serious warm fuzzies! Until then, we're simply enjoying the laughter and happiness that comes from sharing our photographs with our family, bridal party, and dearest friends.

[ photo by James Moes via our wedding morn; my great-grandma's earrings & heirlooms from the '20s ]



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