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Monday, November 30

The only thing I have to say aside from farewell, November, you mostly gloomy, sort of exhausting, overly quiet month filled with a small but meaningful amount of pretty good things is, in defence of the stripes, they're all preeeeeeeeetty different. I mean, look at those two on either end; heavy knit vs. short sleeves. Apples and oranges, people. Then, there's navy or black or indigo, boat neck or round, cotton or wool or cashmere. I really could keep going.

And for the record, this was taken after nearly three weeks of me outright ignoring the laundry hamper. It's not like I wore stripes eight days in a row. That would be just silly. The rest of my time was spent in the coziest sweater ever & my beloved collection of black turtlenecks, plus an array of my husband's tees that I've commandeered as sleep shirts. Welcome to my wardrobe, friends; it's all sorts of adventurous around here.


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