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Tuesday, November 1

friends, we're moving!
this gal's wandering heart is elated (!!!), my husband is equally as excited, the dog has no clue what's going on, and the cat is obsessed with all the empty boxes. more than anything, we are giddy to be back in our home city's bustling core (it's been four years! you've grown up so much since then, #yegdt). i look forward to scribbling about the house, one i've known since childhood, but for now a short story will do; it is too serendipitous not to share.

just shy of one hundred years ago, a house was built in edmonton.
two generations watched from its windows as their little city grew into a grand metropolis. when the museum opened in the late sixties, my newlywed great aunt & great uncle parked along a close-by street and like so many others, eagerly explored the beautiful new building. afterwards, with two hot coffees in hand, they took the long way back to their car and strolled through the neighbourhood, telling make-believe stories to each other about the people that lived in the houses. a few years later, newly graduated from law school, my great uncle brought his wife and newborn daughter back to that exact street, to a house my great aunt still remembers the storyline to.
over the next fifty years, they made a house a home and wrote their own wonderful story within its walls.
last march, sadly and unexpectedly, my witty & kind & stoic great uncle passed away.
my gracious aunt explored the globe and cuddled her grandchildren. this upcoming year, she has chosen to once again adventure. remembering my childhood coo, 'oh, one day! i'll live here! i'll love it like my own - i promise!' and hearing from my papa, her little brother, that we were casually browsing real estate, she gave me a call. and here we are.
it is a beautiful house and a familial home and so, so special to us.

and when the boxes have been unpacked and the closets filled, i will tell you some more stories.

a winter, a spring, a summer, an autumn.

Saturday, October 29

i'll avoid too much of a (particularly well-versed) recitation on noted silences, intentional or otherwise, and happily acknowledge that the past long while has been good. really good. good enough to document, even. while i do feel a bit dazed over just how quickly time has gone, it felt thoughtful & cathartic & genuine to press 'publish' on a grown assortment of noteworthiness. and in staying genuine, let me give credit where it's really due after all of these months: to my piles of tattered old journals & one trusted day planner. okay, and to the timestamped photos too.


spent most of my time buried under textbooks, and falling madly in love with a new role. wrote, a lot. flew back to YEG for the long weekend; filled my time with people i love. hosted my bestie & her husband for a weekend. we went on a walk every morning.


set one intention for the year: to read more. 100 books in 1 year (nearly there! with time to spare!!!). wished my love a very happy birthday while strolling through an ice castle. began my very last semester away. otherwise, stayed bundled up and generally miserable. it's a jumble of feels being newlyweds & being apart.


march was really hard. depression is exhausting. self-doubt is wicked mean. neither deserve more words that those. and then, there's this man. i am forever astounded by my husband's strength & grateful for his patience. you deserve more words than i could ever possibly write.


took a wonderful mother-daughter trip to san fran. i've only ever driven through, so exploring the quirky hidden gems of that place - alcatraz! lighthouses! hilly streets! at&t park (the giants won, woo!) - with my mum was fantastic. and also sipped a zillion cups of tea with my grandparents; i missed all of them so much.


more weekends, more road trips! started out in beautiful british columbia (we even stayed in a ghost town hotel!). helped my bestest & her hubby move. went to the fair. and on double date nights. and to the lake. and to music nights & foodie events. and to, and to, and to ...


began my 26th year, happily so. hugged a little brother extra tightly upon his return from five months of globe trekking. attended & spoke at a conference on birth psychology; was offered a mentorship. heart you always, PNW. discussed a book chapter. started a new chapter.


got a fringe (regret it, by the way). counted down the days until winter break. wrote perhaps the hardest exam ever before my flight home. aced it. and yes, had a very merry christmas - families, friend-families, parties. so good. even made it past midnight on new year's eve.


the frostiest month. we jetted off to hawaii for a week of sunshine & surf. it was the first time in years that my dad, three brothers, and i had all vacationed together. and, my bestie caught me by happy, happy surprise during our weekly Skype date with an ultrasound photo!!! a baby! sweet soul, i already love you so much.


in a blur of research & final submissions, i graduated. farewell (for now, anyway) uni. and i moved back to my home city!!! april was quite the whirlwind: packing, unpacking, settling, routines, visits (so many happy, happy reunions!), and the job hunt.


workin' for those weekends, and weekend we did. we snuck off to vegas and didn't even try to party like we used to. also snuck away to the mountains with and stayed up way too late playing boardgames. we have such incredible friends who will make all these golden years to come happier and more fun (and a bit more bearable, too).


making good on one of many honeymoon promises, we celebrated our 1st anniversary in palm springs. i adore that place. birthdays galore! danced the night away at a beautiful wedding. sought calmness at a beautiful self-care workshop. felt ready to welcome a new season.


held space for my dearest, bestest friend as she brought her daughter into this world (after thirty long hours. honestly, she is truly a divine force). embraced the first snowfall. giddily said "yes!!!" to a new adventure. started packing, again. and started planning a spring getaway.
and just like that, another november is almost upon us.
as for all hallows' eve weekend, we're balancing yesterday's spooky night out at our city's heritage park with a movie marathon tonight, of the classic (& creepy) hallowe'en flick variety. we passed on pumpkin carving; i set up a small samhain altar instead. happy hauntings, friends!
and check back soon. like i said, it feels good to be scribbling again.

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