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Tuesday, November 1

friends, we're moving!
this gal's wandering heart is elated (!!!), my husband is equally as excited, the dog has no clue what's going on, and the cat is obsessed with all the empty boxes. more than anything, we are giddy to be back in our home city's bustling core (it's been four years! you've grown up so much since then, #yegdt). i look forward to scribbling about the house, one i've known since childhood, but for now a short story will do; it is too serendipitous not to share.

just shy of one hundred years ago, a house was built in edmonton.
two generations watched from its windows as their little city grew into a grand metropolis. when the museum opened in the late sixties, my newlywed great aunt & great uncle parked along a close-by street and like so many others, eagerly explored the beautiful new building. afterwards, with two hot coffees in hand, they took the long way back to their car and strolled through the neighbourhood, telling make-believe stories to each other about the people that lived in the houses. a few years later, newly graduated from law school, my great uncle brought his wife and newborn daughter back to that exact street, to a house my great aunt still remembers the storyline to.
over the next fifty years, they made a house a home and wrote their own wonderful story within its walls.
last march, sadly and unexpectedly, my witty & kind & stoic great uncle passed away.
my gracious aunt explored the globe and cuddled her grandchildren. this upcoming year, she has chosen to once again adventure. remembering my childhood coo, 'oh, one day! i'll live here! i'll love it like my own - i promise!' and hearing from my papa, her little brother, that we were casually browsing real estate, she gave me a call. and here we are.
it is a beautiful house and a familial home and so, so special to us.

and when the boxes have been unpacked and the closets filled, i will tell you some more stories.

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