a few more seasons.

Friday, June 30


we mostly just packed up stuff (and threw away stuff) & planned out things (and dreamt up things too). riveting, i know. and cathartic too.


frosted window panes (literally) and my love, one year older. a job that kept me hectic and a mind that kept me anxious. piles of books & cups of tea - sweet distractions - while lofty goals fell to the wayside.
it's complicated, she mutters.


some doozy weather. one particularly glam day (alongside some of yeg's sweetest, most driven creatives) for an exciting ladies clothing launch. road trips & baby snugs.


two weeks overseas! amsterdam, in a word, was stunning. i'd go back in a heartbeat. we kept the pace slow & the small details of the city won us over; bicycles, buildings, culture (the food!), canals. ireland, in a word, is home.

set up a christmas tree for the first time in three years. slow dancing over old, old floorboards felt like a dream. many evenings of merry and cheer and good tidings. oh, and we booked that spring getaway: amsterdam & ireland!


that newborn smell - a boy: his mother, my goodness, a courageous soul! our family said goodbye to my uncle; it still aches (but there is light too, telling the good stories & holding tightly to the best memories). a cold month, warmed by baby giggles and patient friendships.


rested. spent a week in california & realized i should probably always live near the ocean. forever a water baby. then a weekend in the mountains; equally as rejuvenating.


fell back into a good, golden summer routine after traveling abroad. painted the nook, then filled it back up to the brim with books. lots of family time. lots of quiet time.
(and here's hoping summertime stays as such)


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