taking stock | july

Thursday, July 27

Writing: scribbles. 
Cooking: soup. homemade chicken noodle. delish!
Loving: late, slow, quiet mornings.
Reading: lots! oh, and i'm (finally) on goodreads.
Wanting: season two of Westworld to start. now.
Bookmarking: cross-stitch patterns.
Looking: sun-kissed.
Drinking: tea at my baba's, often.
Playing: olafur arnald's 3055. over and over.
Wearing: a sweater most evenings. see you soon, autumn.
Deciding: on winter getaways.
Getting: excited.
Noticing: the moon phases.
Giggling: at babies giggling.
Liking: my most recent audio book, The Underground Railroad.
Wondering: if i'll ever order our wedding album ...
Admiring: Kresswell Interiors!!! Diana & Kristina have SUCH talent!
Browsing: a few different rugs (for the bedroom? the office nook?). 
Watching: Ozark. you should be too.
Hoping: for a few more true blue summer weekends.
Marvelling: at the simplicity of some things.
Enjoying: this resurgence of creativity.
Missing: cool water underfoot during morning beach strolls.
Waiting: for a few books in the mail.
Knowing: that patience will curb (and cure) most worries.
Thinking: about time - the magic of it, really.
Sorting: out birthday weekend plans.
Buying: the On The Fly Pant from lulu in black, burgundy, AND olive.
Needing: a few evenings with just my husband.
Smelling: fresh rain. 

Feeling: calm.


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